Wednesday, January 05, 2005

On Consulting

A few thoughts, completely random and unordered, on my profession (IT consulting):

  1. It's a relationship business.
  2. It's a mutually beneficial relationship when a company engages a consulting firm. If it's not then there is a problem somewhere. If the client is feeling that he is getting taken then the relationship will not last. If the consultant feels that he is getting away with murder then the relationship will not last. Only when both parties feel there is value in working together is there a good thing going.
  3. I can't imagine working in any other field. The thrill of the sales process, the stress of the new technologies and the deadlines, the close interaction with other professionals, it's all stuff you won't get working an internal IT job.
  4. If I'm offered enough money maybe I'd leave consulting and do the internal IT thing.
  5. It would have to be a bunch of money for less work than I do now.
  6. I'd probably just do my own thing again before "working for the man".
  7. Of the large universe of people who do IT only a few are good consultants.
  8. Good consultants aren't always the best programmers and don't always enjoy programming.
  9. The good sales guys at a consulting firm are the truest form of consultant. They deserve to make the big money because they make the system work.
  10. The bad sales guys at a consulting firm need to be identified and voted off the island as soon as possible.